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Couple has really awesome Batgirl/Nightwing wedding cause they’re awesome.



Best use of domino masks possible.


Two young men tied the knot in a rare South African gay wedding in KwaDukuza (Stanger) on Saturday.

In what was described as the town’s first gay marriage, Tshepo Modisane and Thoba Sithole, both 27, walked down the aisle in front of 200 guests at the Stanger Siva Sungam community hall.

The wedding was a jubilant, exciting affair, attracting even uninvited members of the local community.

Thoba, a Joburg-based IT specialist, is from Shakaville, KwaDukuza and Tshepo an audit manager at PwC. They have known each other for years and dated on and off, before stabilising their relationship.

Now that they are wedded, they will take on the double-barrelled surname of Sithole-Modisane. The couple appeared to enjoy the support from the community, family and friends.

“Thoba is a really nice guy, very fun and outgoing,” said Loyiso Xaba, a family friend.

Another wedding guest, Bongani Sibisi, said: “They are an inspiration and step in the right direction.”

“This is my first wedding of this kind,” said Pastor Tankiso Mokwena, who married the couple.

In an interview on gay lifestyle website, Thoba said about the relationship: “Since we are both men we have decided that neither of us will pay lobolo. The most we will do is to buy gifts for our parents as a sign of appreciation for raising us.”

The couple are reportedly planning to have children through a surrogate.

“Family is important to us and that is the number one reason why we want to have children,” said Thoba.

“We also want our children to grow up in an environment where they are loved greatly by both parents who appreciate them.”

Tshepo said one of the reasons they chose to be so open was that they “hope to inspire people out there who are still struggling to come to terms with their sexuality”.

“We see no reason to hide in darkness as if there is something to be ashamed about.

“Our marriage is largely symbolic and a sign that black gay men can commit and build a family through a happy and loving marriage,” he said.

Pair tie bold knot



Super Mario Wedding

Concept and styled by Primary Petals

Photography by Lehua Noëlle Faulkner

(via: Green Wedding Shoes)


Vintage Wedding Dresses From The V&A Collection

I had quite a time this Sunday afternoon perusing the V&A collection of vintage wedding gowns, the oldest dating back to 1821. The second dress in the photoset was, tragically, worn by a bride who died a month or so after her wedding and the family preserved the dress in memorial. 

There are so much more gowns and accessories to look through that I couldn’t feature here. Please go give it a look! 





Wizard Of Oz-Inspired Wedding Ideas

((none of these pictures are mine))

Ahora si me quiero casar por favor :C 

This WILL be my Wedding theme. Except that BOUQUET, they fucked that shit up. Those are anemones, not poppies.

I will have poppies. 

^Sorry about the oversight. As much as I love weddings, I won’t pretend to be a flower expert. When I looked for pictures of a poppy bouquet, this came up and I figured that’s what it was. 

I’ll go back and fix it. 


Carnival Wedding Ideas

Since tomorrow is the official first day of summer, I’d like to welcome in it with one of the classic summer past times: going to the carnival. No matter how old a person gets, seldom is there the individual that doesn’t like going on the ferris wheel or eating cotton candy or winning the big bear for his love or riding the prettiest horse on the carousel. 

The thing I love about this wedding theme is that it looks like SO MUCH FUN + there’s food, and A LOT OF IT (but not your typical wedding food- we’re talking corn dogs and popcorn and greasy, sugary, fried shit that you’re not gonna find at your regular, vanilla wedding, no sir). 

To me, the best kind of wedding is a fun wedding. So why not go with this theme? Rent out the carnival grounds for the day and say your vows on a ferris wheel box. 

((none of these pictures belong to me))


Pirate Wedding Ideas

Anyone who knows me personally knows what a sucker I am for anything pirate-related. This is why this was an especially fun, eclectic mixture of pictures to sort through. It was hard to pick favorites, tbh.

((these pictures do not belong to me))

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